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Documents collaboration with Synology

Intro Documents collaboration is one of the most powerful tools these days for research projects and gorups. This allow several people to review a file at the same time, recording the changes and identifying them by the user. This is the alternative to modify the document in your local computer and send it by e-mail to the other group members to modify, adding your initials at the end of the document tittle, which has been […]

How to add your email account to your synology user

Intro Synology NAS are cool. And they are also extremely useful for working groups. They have lots of tools to collaborate, just like Google, but they are better than Google because your data is yours and Google does not have full read access to it. One of the interesting things in Synology NAS is that you can create events in the calendar application and the system invites by e-mail those you want. It also notifies […]